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Facial Fat Transfer

Facial aging not only consists of tissue descent and skin laxity, but also loss of fat volume. These changes are commonly appreciated in the areas of the temple, cheek, and nasolabial  region; thus, causing loss of definition of the cheeks and accentuating facial folds. Loss of facial volume can be treated non-surgically or surgically. Non-surgical interventions involve facial filler injection, such as hyaluronic acids. The benefit of this treatment is that it can be quickly performed in the office. The disadvantage of facial fillers is that they are not permanent, and it can become very expensive for patients requiring significant volume restoration. An alternative to filler injections is facial fat transfer. It is a minimally invasive procedure where your own fat is used to restore facial volume. The advantage of this technique is that it can provide permanent volumization and it is cost-effective. 

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